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Question? How do you do things?

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GypsySoul --- 4 years ago -

For every month I have an envelope that states for example "November paid bills and Receipts." So when I pay a bill I, which I either do online or through the phone I get a confirmation number, write down that number and the date I paid the bill and place it in the "November envelope." Then by The end of the year I put everything in a larger envelope for 2016. The other day we bought a shredder for the office in our house and I'm wondering if I need to keep all these paid bill receipts. I mean once they hit the bank do I really need to keep all this paperwork?

How do you handle your paperwork when you pay bills? Do you think I can start shredding things? Like I said once it hits the back and the company shows the bill is paid to I really still need to keep paperwork that is months or even a year old?

Your thoughts? 

BestOne --- 4 years ago -

I set up a program on my computer using excel that tracks everything. When they send their email receipt I file it on the computer. I back up daily so I always have my records. It's a whole lot less paper. 

GypsySoul --- 4 years ago -

Very good idea. Thank you 

BestOne --- 4 years ago -

PM your email and I will send you a blank version of it. Why reinvent the wheel? 

Jpgirl --- 4 years ago -

Yep I keep paper copies for 7 years and then shred them.we got audited once and it helped to have all the paper old fashioned. 

mutton --- 4 years ago -


BestOne --- 4 years ago -

Yep I keep paper copies for 7 years and then shred them.we got audited once and it helped to have all the paper old fashioned.?

You can always print what you need. 

GypsySoul --- 4 years ago -

You can always print what you need.?

I can always go to the bank and have them print off things.

What's so lol, mutton? 

ugly yapper dog --- 4 years ago -

All my bills are on auto-pay. I never get paperwork for most of them so no paperwork to file away. I put all my bills that I can on 1 credit card which I use for most all purchases. I check the credit card every few days by logging in. I have 4-5 credit cards used for maximizing points or keeping my credit rating high. 1 Credit card I only use when I travel international. That way Im always able to cancel it on the fly, without redoing all my autopay bills if it becomes compromised (and it often does).

The only paperwork I keep is stuff that would be needed for taxes. General personal bills aren't needed for taxes; only bills that have to do with a business.

Now I do a similar thing as you with receipts. I keep all receipts for stuff I might return, in a drawer for about 2 months, then I go through it and throw away receipts to stuff I wont be returning. Receipts/warranties for expensive long term items get filed away in a closet. 

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