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ugly yapper dog

I joined this crazy place on 2015-02-19, 6 years ago.

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Another Type of Ban - 3 years ago

Im not going to put a laptop in my checked bag thats for sure.

Netflix: Cowspirace Movie - 4 years ago

It is a great movie. Better than id expected. Another great one is Virunga.

Question? How do you do things? - 4 years ago

All my bills are on auto-pay. I never get paperwork for most of them so no paperwork to file away. I put all my bills that I can on 1 credit card which I use for most all purchases. I check the cred...

Uh Oh: Final Election Results are in - 4 years ago

Good thing we dont go by the popular vote. Seems our country cant get that together very well. We'd probably be waiting months for results, not to mention it could easily be manipulated in all the cha...

KU Needs a Name Change - 4 years ago

Lets talk about our hobbies; what are some of the things kingwoodians do, aside from sitting around wondering how their government political party is going to make their life better?

Ridiculousness in our own backyard - Student facing 50 day suspension for saying 'All Lives Matter' - 4 years ago

Remember the days when if you had the urge to disparage a group of people, you were only able to broadcast it to a handful of peeps around you? But now days there's twitter & all this other social me...

Bill Clinton sure can deliver a speech! - 4 years ago

The truth about the lies of Bills speech and the murderer Hillary. [url=]What Bill Left Out- Dick Morris[/url] [url=

Pick up after yourselves!!! - 4 years ago

I always thought the same. People are selfish. They dont like to be treated in a disrespeful way or be expected to clean up after others, but in a theatre we see most people have no problem doing the...

Tuition Free College- Who pays for that? - 4 years ago

Well I know some MIT folk who make less than 100k. In any case no engineering salary is anything to sneeze at. The "awful" ones no matter the school are at least in the upper middle class (unless we'r...

Tuition Free College- Who pays for that? - 4 years ago

I dont think MIT people are the ones complaining they cant pay off their loans. Are MIT grads who this discussion is about? My sister who graduated in the last 10 years, picked a no-name college ra...

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