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Working Teenagers

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Working Teens --- 2 years ago -

Working Teens are three local teenagers living in Kingwood. We are hard working individuals who have a knack for helping out the community. We strive to make our own money though hard work and labor. We offer services such as pressure washing, lawn care and maintenance, tree trimming, dog walking, automotive cleaning, elderly shuttle services, garage clean-out, and other various jobs. We provide our own equipment. If you need one of the services previously listed feel free to call or text the number listed below and we can work out an appointment, thank you.

Kyle: (713) 705-1089
We perform quality services and just want to make an honest dollar through a hard days work. 

Grumpyoldfart --- 2 years ago -

Kyle, I'll text tomorrow, but I'm looking for labor to unload a small trailer and take boxes upstairs. 

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