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I joined this crazy place on 2017-04-18, 308 days ago.

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But it's nothing like what the old gypsy woman said....

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NOTHING HAS CHANGED: Democrat Anarchists Use Same Tactics As KKK Democrats Did 100 Years Ago - 307 days ago

[i]it's a myth perpetuated by the left.[/i] It's a fact perpetuated by historians both liberal and conservative. Once again Soupnado... I'll show you MY Masters in History (with a focus on militar...

Why The Democratic Party is Superior - 307 days ago

[i]Yet the other two made him seem like the only rational choice... [/i] I don't know about "rational" - but he was still an option... [i]So you're saying Hillary beat herself.[/i] Yeppers. ...

Trump and his admin lied about ships heading to NK - 307 days ago

[i]he just doesn't know what the hell is going on sometimes :) [/i] Sometimes???

Why The Democratic Party is Superior - 308 days ago

[i]Should've run a better campaign. [/i] Should have picked a better candidate. But, no one is worse than the orange fascist. As far as I'm concerned, both main parties are worthless. W...

TRUMP IS PRO NRA! - 308 days ago

Trump has said publicly that police should be able to confiscate your firearm for any reason. Once again, the NRA has endorsed a gun grabber. Romney was the worst, with Reagan (the source of Califo...

I'm kinda liking this wet spring - 308 days ago

Blasted herons will just kill them to kill them and not even eat them. Glad I don't have that problem. I have smaller koi right now, 6-8" mostly. The YBWS can eat the heck out of them. Never h...

Next Silly Question - This one's about snakes.... - 308 days ago

Anyone got a Texas King Snake, or have one that needs rescuing? I'm having a problem with Yellow Bellied Water Snakes in my Koi Pond, and I figure some King Snake musk would be just the thing to ch...

I'm kinda liking this wet spring - 308 days ago

I'm on the fence. For one thing, it's great for the plants. BUT, for another, I've lost three Koi this year to Yellow Bellied Water Snakes, which move around when it gets wet. Fish eating bastards....

Working Teenagers - 308 days ago

Kyle, I'll text tomorrow, but I'm looking for labor to unload a small trailer and take boxes upstairs.

Need some muscle - 308 days ago


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