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who's talking here?

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urabunchcats --- 1 years ago -



jackass --- 1 years ago -

Actually guns are probably at higher risk with him around...he's obsessed with thinking he can make everything "safe" if Ivanka sees a shooting and sticks out her bottom lip and says "Daddy please" you can bet he'll be chipping away at the 2nd amendment. 

Grumpyoldfart --- 1 years ago -

Trump has said publicly that police should be able to confiscate your firearm for any reason.

Once again, the NRA has endorsed a gun grabber. Romney was the worst, with Reagan (the source of California gun control) behind him. They'd have been better off endorsing Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama AND Hillary Clinton than who they endorsed against them.

Which is why they've lost credibility with the majority of gun owners in the U.S. and only boast a 4 million membership out of about 120 million gun owners.

I resigned my life-membership when they endorsed Trump, it was the last draw. 

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