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ATTN: Responsible Gun Owners - 11 days ago

Laws only make it harder for those who abide by the laws. [u][b]CRIMINALS don't abide to the laws.[/b][/u]

Mark Zuckerburg Testifying before Senate now - 11 days ago

I am only going to discuss legal aspects - not hacking related aspects. Is Facebook free? Some think yes - that would be wrong. Typically/always - "they" (service providers) Kingwoodundergrou...

ATTN: Responsible Gun Owners - 12 days ago

[u][b]Laws don't work with CRIMINALS![/b][/u] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img]https://...

This isn't fair - Top 20% of Americans Will Pay 87% of Income Tax - 15 days ago

A persons earning value if defined by them. Those with great/scarce/valued talents earn more than those with zero or low value talent. This the power of the simple economics. If you want more...

Latinos Dumping Democrats? - 37 days ago

Ha Ha Ha

Redistribution of Wealth Upwards - 39 days ago

Do something about it! Joe please start your own business (and all you other liberals) and pay your employees anything you want.

Why is it so hard for a family owned business to make it in Kingwood? Restaurants in particular? - 43 days ago

I like chains. Mostly because of the unknown aspects of non-chains. I am old - my position is based on TONS of bad experiences at non-chains. I don't want to waste my money and end up not ...

Billy Graham brings our country together to honor him and our GREAT GOD! - 52 days ago

I pray that our great GOD in Heaven blesses your hurting soul.

Billy Graham brings our country together to honor him and our GREAT GOD! - 52 days ago

[u][b]Thank you GOD for sharing with us this good and faithful servant![/b][/u] [img][/img]

Gun control - 53 days ago

Idont You have it wrong They are!

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