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National Emergencies Declared by Pres Obama and Pres Trump

who's talking here?

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OrdinaryGuy --- 4 years ago -

President Obama:

1. To aid Somalia
2. To aid Libya
3. To aid Yemen
4. To aid Ukraine
5. To aid South Sudan
6. To aid Central America
7. To aid Venezuela
8. To aid Burundi

Pres Trump:

1. To aid the United States

Why is it okay for Pres Obama to use the law and spend money and unconstitutional for Pres Trump to do the same? 

fuzz81 --- 4 years ago -

There were actually 12 national emergencies used under Obama.

They were all sanctions.

Most remain current under the trump admin.

Trump used national emergencies 3 other times.

There are currently 11 active emergencies declared by GW Bush. 

fuzz81 --- 4 years ago -

There are currently 32 active emergencies.

Trump renewed all existing emergencies in 2016, 

OrdinaryGuy --- 4 years ago -

They were all sanctions.

Not all were sanctions. Some were against people trying to hurt those specific countries. They were not sanctions against the countries themselves. 

OrdinaryGuy --- 4 years ago -

Here is a list of all the emergencies:

List of all emergencies

fuzz81 --- 4 years ago -

Trump renewed them. What’s your issue with them? 

OrdinaryGuy --- 4 years ago -

My issue is that the other Presidents spent money it was okay but when Pres Trump spends money now it's unconstitutional. 

KwMillennial --- 4 years ago -

Isn’t building a wall a way to sanction those who attempt to come here illegally?

The coyotes will use this as a reason to raise their prices 

urabunchcats --- 4 years ago -

For those of you against the wall

Do you not understand


KwMillennial --- 4 years ago -

Illegal entry is the act.

Walls and locks everywhere around the world are used to prevent illegal entry.

This was not an issue until Donald Trump became President on the promise of improving the border wall.

Opponents of his now act like programmed robots, like useful Roombas, as they carry out the programmed directives from their master. 

Jepperd --- 4 years ago -

The difference is that Trump is using the national emergency to pass legislation. Imagine if Obama used a national emergency to pass Obamacare, legalize gay marriage, ban guns or close Guantanamo. That would be a better comparison. 

butch baby --- 4 years ago -

trump wants a wall! wailing for his wall!


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