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butch baby

I joined this crazy place on 2012-10-19, 10 years ago.

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National Emergencies Declared by Pres Obama and Pres Trump - 4 years ago

trump wants a wall! wailing for his wall! [img][/img]

Faux News caught once again - 4 years ago

[i] The article was scratched because Twenty-First Century Fox chairman Rupert Murdoch wanted Trump to win the election[/i] therein lies why fox is unreliable, far from a news source, purely op...

The US is the only country not grounding 737 Max 8 planes - 4 years ago

[i]Is it not pretty obvious why many news sites left out that last paragraph? [/i] yes. because trump is ultimately responsible then. the faa fall under his administration. he can't seem to ge...

***** b * e * t * o ***** - 4 years ago

[i]He beat Beto in the election. [/i] barely. you don't seem to understand the difference between a senate race in far right texas to a national election. criticising his name, his hand ge...

white nationalism has become a world wide plague - 4 years ago

[i]Steve Miller is a white supremicist??!! [/i] old news. very old news. google steve miller in college and try to catch up. he's trump's right hand man. the shooter felt a kinship to tru...

white nationalism has become a world wide plague - 4 years ago

[i]Welcome back[/i] why thank you, sister!

white nationalism has become a world wide plague - 4 years ago

amen, sister!

***** b * e * t * o ***** - 4 years ago

in more 2020 news, this from breitbart: Jeb Bush Urges 2020 Republican Primary Challenge to Donald Trump

***** b * e * t * o ***** - 4 years ago

all texans should be proud. we aim to send another one of our fellow texans to the white house.

Russian Collusion 101 - 4 years ago

Trump calls Mueller probe 'illegal' as speculation swirls of pending release above headline from fox website right now. illegal. he is skerid.

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