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I joined this crazy place on 2015-06-28, 3 years ago.

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Liberal snowflakes meltdown over text - 5 days ago

It?s funny and highly ironic to watch the RWNJs have their little meltdowns on here

Kavanaugh - 14 days ago

Get ready to eat your words in a week. Everyone knows kavanaugh is a liar. An innocent person would be begging for an investigation, not avoiding one.

Kavanaugh - 15 days ago

Elon Musk Stepping Down from Tesla - 15 days ago

He?s stepping down as chairman for 3 years. He?s still CEO.

Kavanaugh - 16 days ago

Here?s a powerful picture. Look closely at all the women?s faces as kavanaugh yells, screams and lies. [img][/img]

Trump orders kavanaugh investigation - 17 days ago

A rapist is a gift to the pubs? Not surprising.

Another Kingwood Website, "LOCKED" sad... - 17 days ago

Spreading nonsense like this is more dangerous than helpful.

Trump orders kavanaugh investigation - 17 days ago

Looks like it?s not over yet. Let?s see what the investigation finds. It?ll be funny to watch the supporters of the rapist eat their words if they corroborate Dr Fords statements.

Kavanaugh - 17 days ago


Kavanaugh - 17 days ago

No, America got played today.

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