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Rubio supports changing gun ownership law to 21 - 5 hours ago

Lol dvaz.. you?re the tool threatening people on the internet. Remind us again about the psychos who shouldn?t have access to guns.

Olympic medals - 5 hours ago

It still does. All the curling clubs I?ve been in have a full bar. Winning team buys.

Olympic medals - 16 hours ago

Congrats on winning gold in curling. Well deserved.

Should he live or should he die? - 1 days ago

Your fixation with mark is pretty creepy

Should he live or should he die? - 1 days ago

?Blame Hollywood!!!!? I?m sure you came up with that one all on your own

Should he live or should he die? - 1 days ago

Seems more like you regurgitate the flavor du jour from fox, rather than doing any thinking

Olympic medals - 1 days ago

So that means Houston should do well in warm weather sports like baseball and football. Oh, wait

It's over - pay attention... - 1 days ago

[i]You seem to not want anyone to have a gun[/i] Where did I say that? I was also just quoting soup, who said: it?s not the guns. It?s the people with the guns.

Olympic medals - 1 days ago

I?m not sure what that makes the US team then, given that you usually lose.

Olympic medals - 1 days ago

I saw the Canadian team limping. The US team likely pulled a Tanya Harding.

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