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Fake Water Test on FrrontDoor

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a3583019uu --- 2 years ago -

We get home to our "No Solicitation" kingwood home to find an official-looking notice about a "Community Water Test" hanging on the door. This was from "" It simply asks you to complete the form, sign it, leave a sample of your water in the tube they supplied and they would be by to pick it up to conduct an analysis on it. Then they would contact you later.
This is nothing more than elaborate way to get their salesman in your door. Do not fall for it! ?? This company has no affiliation or agreement with our MUD district. 

Butterbean --- 2 years ago -

Been going on for years in my neighborhood. Just another sales job. 

OhBrother --- 2 years ago -

Don't throw away the little plastic bottle! Great size for travel ...... shampoo, lotion, etc 

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