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How has everyone been?

who's talking here?

It is I WhyWhyWhy 1
Winning 6
waterfall 3
Vivre Libre ou Mourir 1
Leila 1
mutton 1
Giorgio Tsoukalos 1
John Lynch 1

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Winning --- 4 years ago -

It's awfully quiet on here lately.

Where is everyone? What's their new ID? I don't see many familiar names.

Did they all move over to KDC? 

Winning --- 4 years ago -


Leila --- 4 years ago -

hi. Where have you been? 

Giorgio Tsoukalos --- 4 years ago -


waterfall --- 4 years ago -

Wow. I see not much has changed, right Winning? 

Winning --- 4 years ago -

Holy shizz. I guess not. ??

Sooooo, George what's your regular ID? Lol 

waterfall --- 4 years ago -

Where can we get an updated copy of the spreadsheet so we know who everyone is? 

Winning --- 4 years ago -

I'll activate the phone tree 

Vivre Libre ou Mourir --- 4 years ago -

HEY! It's me! Four Pinocchios!!! 

waterfall --- 4 years ago -

Hey! The phone tree still works! 

POTUS --- 4 years ago -

What is KDC and who has a single daughter. 

mutton --- 4 years ago -

KDC is You still the horn dog I see, lol. 

Winning --- 4 years ago -

What is KDC and who has a single daughter.?

I think Chunky has one. 

John Lynch --- 4 years ago -

Just like old times. 

Winning --- 4 years ago -

Look who emerged from the pearly gates of heaven! 

It is I WhyWhyWhy --- 4 years ago -

Y'all is crazy. 

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