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Do NOT use A-Better appliance repair!

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LeighKingwood --- 2 years ago -

Do NOT use them! My refrigerator that is a little over a year old, warranty expired, went out about a month ago. I called A-Better and they came out and said the computer part (not sure of the technical term) went out and he would come back in two days to replace it. Well, he did come back and do something, but 4 days later as well as $300 My refrigerator was out again! I called repeatedly and was told to un plug and let thaw for 24 hour,which I did. Well, about 4 days after that, oUT it went again! I called AND called to where the repair man finally answered and told me he ordered another part and it would be 7 days! Well, we are on day 12ish still no refrigerator, which is terrible, and now they are not responding to my calls or text. Do not use this company! 

TinktheSprite --- 2 years ago -

I stick with Paul's Appliance Repair 

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