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who's talking here?

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freebyrdll --- 6 years ago -

Anyone know what's going on? It's a madhouse!! 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

Around 5:30? Bc I didn't make my workout at the Y at that time bc they closed a lane by the Y and it took 30 minutes to go from NP to Kings Crossing via WLHP. It's nuts. The city couldn't plan anything logically if they were the last entity on earth. They should do some of this stuff after or before rush hour. To close a lane during rush hour is ridiculous. I know they have to sometimes and maybe that's the case but UGH. It literally took almost an hour to go less than a mile. 

*LOL* --- 6 years ago -

It looked like there was a track meet or something at Creekwood. Then the lane closure on WLHP during rush hour made things a complete cluster f. I doubled back and cut through the neighborhoods to get home. 

momma0204 --- 6 years ago -

They had a cross-country meet today. 

freebyrdll --- 6 years ago -

Thank you 

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