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Follow up- anyone have any info on this

who's talking here?

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Pixelpup --- 5 years ago -

In the late 90s (possible early 00s) the police broke up a high school party and one kid ended up breaking his neck when his buddies pitched him over the fence. Apparently the kid just thought he was really drunk and his buddies kept hauling him around until the kid was really messed up.

I remember it was in the paper there and I was wondering if anyone else remembers or can tell me what happened to the kid.


BRo12 --- 5 years ago - (From a google search-I think it is the one you are speaking of.)

I remember reading this when I first moved to Kingwood and was mortified. I have never forgotten this story. 

TinktheSprite --- 5 years ago -

I remember that story! It has been a long time. That article was written in 2004/ The incident was 2000(?). I hope he made it to Law School and has a good career. Such a sad statement of Kingwood's parents and kids who didn't own up to what happened! I hope the guilt and Karma pays then all a visit. 

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