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Found Cat

who's talking here?

Kitty & Me 4
TinktheSprite 2

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Kitty & Me --- 4 years ago -

Male, un-neutered cat with no micro-chip, black and white tuxedo, obviously a house and someone's pet by his response to us. Very personable, obviously very loved. Some family is missing this little guy and we want to help get him back to his family. He wondered up to the home at the front of Wood Stream. Can someone help me post his pictures? Many thanks

here is a link to his picture 

TinktheSprite --- 4 years ago -

I've seen pictures of that cat! I will look around so see where I saw it. 

Kitty & Me --- 4 years ago -

We would greatly appreciate any help. We have him crated because I do not know how the dogs will relate to him and there's a doggie door for them and I'm scared he will escape. He's really sweet and obviously came from a good home. @TinktheSprite 

TinktheSprite --- 4 years ago -

I've been looking for what I saw. There area LOT of lost black and white kitties! 

Kitty & Me --- 4 years ago -

Yes there are and hopefully this black and white kitty gets home soon 

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