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Need a new Roof? We can save you money!

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The Odd Job Specialist --- 4 years ago -

I can install a new roof for cost plus $750.00 and provide all warranties as other companies. We beat all prices. Use same materials and do our best to provide the best workmanship. In the end I believe I can get you a roof for less money than other companies and save you money. I can work with your insurance company.

The Odd Job Specialists

The Odd Job Specialist --- 4 years ago -

We can do more than just roofs. Here is a link to our photo bucket page where you can look at pictures of our jobs we have completed in the recent past.

Photo Bucket Page Link 

kingwood resident --- 4 years ago -

I will be contacting you in the near future for a roof job. I like your work and your prices. 

*LOL* --- 4 years ago -

Do you have references? 

*LOL* --- 4 years ago -

I like your work and your prices.?

where did you see his prices? 

The Odd Job Specialist --- 4 years ago -

Do you have references??

Yes I do. 

The Odd Job Specialist --- 4 years ago -

where did you see his prices?

Prices are based on the squares per roof. 10' x 10' is one 100 square foot equals 1 square, every roofer will measure the same or be very close, multiply that times the actual cost of the shingles and the cost of labor, plus only $750.00 profit and you get your final cost. I will show invoicing for materials and labor so you know exact what you are paying for. NO ONE ELSE WILL DO THIS. There is a lot of money to be made in roofing. If the insurance is paying I could even make you some money if you work with me. 

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