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Rise of White Left Democrats

who's talking here?

RayofHope 2

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RayofHope --- 1 years ago -

Chinese internet users have a new word for Democrats and the political left of the world. Oddly, it is used as an insult. My wife feels it is really cool.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel seems to be the poster child for this new word. The word is baizuo (It means White Left) and is used generally to describe those who only care about topics such as immigration, minorities, LGBT and the environment and have no sense of real problems in the real world.

Baizuo (White Left) are hypocritical humanitarians who advocate for peace and equality only to satisfy their own feeling of moral superiority; they are obsessed with political correctness to the extent that they tolerate backwards Islamic values for the sake of multiculturalism;

they believe in the welfare state that benefits only the idle and the free riders; they are the ignorant and arrogant westerners who pity the rest of the world and think they are saviours.

Read the Story....It's Really Interesting 

RayofHope --- 1 years ago -

I love the Chinese synonyms for leftists: libtards and regressive liberals. 

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