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Boring & redundant

who's talking here?

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I am Groot --- 2 years ago -

I have to say that this social media/blog website is one of the most redundant and boring sites I have ever have the privilege of being apart of.

First, looking at the counter of members being on line at any given time; the numbers are between seven (7) and thirteen (13). That alone is just sad.

Second, please draw your attention to the topics being discussed. On the first page alone the majority of topics are all about political discussions. Is there anything else going on in the world besides your opinions on President Trump?

Thirdly, this is were this site becomes so boring and repetitive that it burns my eyes and i can feel my brain cells dying.

Same moderators since 1996 (insert sarcasm here with an eye roll) and the same people in the cooler for the same offensives. Plus the same users stating their same opinions over and over. I will give you an example on my next, and final comment and then I will be terminating my account. 

Gigix4 --- 2 years ago -

I couldn't have said it better! 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 2 years ago -

That's a lot of in depth analysis of KU for someone who has only been here for a little over a month.

Me thinks you're just another alt. 

I am Groot --- 2 years ago -

Hiro Protagonist
Dorothy Parker
Joe Blow
Emperor of Kingwood
the Markster
A Quinn Martin Production
The Mark

I am Groot --- 2 years ago -

No one cares what you think, soup 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 2 years ago -

WOW. Yep....... definitely an alt. 

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