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pediatric dentistry

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Luplup --- 1 years ago -

I have been using Lake Houston Pediatric Dentistry. I have grown very unhappy with them. It is difficult to get an appointment that works for my schedule. Meaning, a late afternoon appointment. Can someone recommend a good pediatric dentist? 

EllieD --- 1 years ago -

I always took my kids to Stephen Farrell in Kingwood and we were always happy with him. 

TinktheSprite --- 1 years ago -

Dr. Richard Matthews Red Oak and 1960. He also has his Degree in Child Psychology. Worth the drive every 6 months. 

coffee girl --- 1 years ago -

We use Dr. Farrell, he is awesome!! 

SueRDH --- 1 years ago -

Are you only unhappy because they can't accommodate your schedule or because they did something that made you unhappy? 

Luplup --- 1 years ago -

I have been using Lake Houston Pediatric Dentistry for the last five years. Our insurance pays for two cleaning a year. However, we always end up paying something for cleanings. This has bothered me for a long time, but went along with it. The other day, I had to reschedule my son's appointment for six month cleaning. Having to wait until the end of July for an afternoon, and the lack of professional behavior on the part of the staff when I needed to change the appointment was the final straw. 

SueRDH --- 1 years ago -

Thanks for the clarification Luplup. I work in a dental office (not that one) and I was curious what exactly was making you unhappy. Make sure your next dentist is in-network with your insurance. Also inquire about extra fees than insurance might not cover, such as fluoride varnish, sterilization fees, cancellation/no-show charges. 

Luplup --- 1 years ago -

Thanks for all your help . My child has an appointment with Dr. Mathews next week. I chose him since he takes our insurance. Thanks so much Kingwood Underground. 

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