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KW1997 --- 6 years ago -

So... I bought a house for my girlfriend in Sherwood Trails. I own the house - she's making the payment. She would like to have a room mate who could pay half the note. I don't have any objection, but I'm not really sure if there are any issues with deed restrictions for this kind of arrangement. Does anyone know anything about it? 

them --- 6 years ago -

Read the deed you got when you bought the house. 

KW1997 --- 6 years ago -

Well - I did that. I don't see anything in the documents I have that addresses the nature of the residents permitted to live in the house. I'm not sure if what I have is incomplete or if it's really the wild west on this issue. Hence - posting the question here... 

Are we great again yet --- 6 years ago -

Could be an issue with your homeowner's ins co.
Best to check with them. 

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