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Routes back to Kingwood? - 6 years ago

Does anyone have information on Grandparkway from Porter to Katy? I have family who want to return who are currently in San Antonio. Seems like 10-99-59 is probably the best bet - hopefully by some ...

What neighborhoods in Kingwood have flooded streets - 6 years ago

Does anyone have information about the apartments immediately south of Kingwood High School? Are they still accessible and are the flooding? How badly did they flood in 94?

Kingwood Road Conditions/Harvey - 6 years ago

reh - you remember correctly. The problem was the release of water from Conroe. That turned what would have been a couple of feet of water in places like Forest Cove into 10 feet of water.

Roommates? - 6 years ago

Well - I did that. I don't see anything in the documents I have that addresses the nature of the residents permitted to live in the house. I'm not sure if what I have is incomplete or if it's really...

Roommates? - 6 years ago

So... I bought a house for my girlfriend in Sherwood Trails. I own the house - she's making the payment. She would like to have a room mate who could pay half the note. I don't have any objection, ...

Massage recommendations? - 7 years ago

My 72 year old mother has a lot of back trouble. She enjoys a good massage that isn't too aggressive. I want to get her a gift pack for Christmas so she can go once every week or two. Any recommend...

Dr recommendation for back pain/injury? - 7 years ago

So my 72 year old mother fractured her back a couple of years ago. She is having chronic back and nerve pain. She is highly averse to taking a bunch of medicine or going to a 'pill pusher'. Does an...

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