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Routes back to Kingwood?

who's talking here?

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KW1997 --- 6 years ago -

Does anyone have information on Grandparkway from Porter to Katy? I have family who want to return who are currently in San Antonio. Seems like 10-99-59 is probably the best bet - hopefully by some time tomorrow. Anyone know another route that is more likely? 

TinktheSprite --- 6 years ago -

Don't quote me Hwy 6 to 99 I thought I read was open. 

luv2massage --- 6 years ago -

My son is going from Kingwood to Atascocita. He had to go 1488 to 242 to 1485 to 149 and down to 249 then to the beltway. That is the only way he and several friends have found so far. Good luck to your family! 

Eliza2 --- 6 years ago - 

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