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Found golden toy poodle Kings Manor pink harness green bow

who's talking here?

qtexan 2
gunsnroses 1
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qtexan --- 6 years ago -

I found a cute little poodle roaming the neighborhood lost. She has a vet tag for the vet at 59 and Ford road, but unfortunately they couldn't find her record because they got a new computer system. She's not chipped but she's clearly loved and recently groomed. If you know who she belongs too, please call the vet at 281-354-2724; her ID is #071376. They have my contact information. In the meantime, we'll be sure to take good care of her! 

Brewgirl --- 6 years ago -

I bet somebody is missing that little girl! 

qtexan --- 6 years ago -

We found her owners last night and they were so happy to have her back! 

gunsnroses --- 6 years ago -

Thank you for protecting this little angel until her owners could find her. 

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