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I joined this crazy place on 2011-06-24, 12 years ago.

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Small dog in thunder shirt found - 6 years ago

Contact me....licensed Houston Kennel...can offer space.

Allergy Eyes, anyone? - 6 years ago

Yes, eyes are a mess....too much stuff in our air right now.

SO Thankful that the US has President Trump - 6 years ago

PResident Trump has accomplished more to benefit America than anything that OBAMA did in eight years. Also, enough of the "witch hunts" by the DemoRATS; Trump Administrarption needs to investigate th...

Found golden toy poodle Kings Manor pink harness green bow - 6 years ago

Thank you for protecting this little angel until her owners could find her.

USS Gabrielle Giffords Christened As Navy?s First Gun-Free Warship Read more: http://www.duffelblog - 6 years ago

WHY name a warship after an ANTI GUN LIBERAL ?

President Trump's Strategic Firing of Swamp Rat James Comey - 6 years ago

Liberals....go ask people in Venezuela how socialism is working for them. Last I heard they were dumpster diving for food and turning to prostitution. Nanny Governments ALWAYS collapse.

President Trump's Strategic Firing of Swamp Rat James Comey - 6 years ago

Swamp Rat Comey is corrupt; just like OBAMA and his thugs. Trump had to get rid of this mess. Thank GOD we won and now America comes first !

Religious group's controversial billboard - 6 years ago

Love It ! Tells the TRUTH.

The Euro Left regarding Manchester - Just get used to it - 6 years ago

Picture of Ariana Grande on the internet if her wiping her a** with the American flag and giving viewers her middle finger. She has stated she hates America. What a disgusting role model.

Comey took notes on trump pressuring him to drop Flynn investigation - 6 years ago

Trump should have gotten rid of Comey the Corrupt Clinton lover immediately.

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