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I joined this crazy place on 2011-06-24, 6 years ago.

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Found golden toy poodle Kings Manor pink harness green bow - 25 days ago

Thank you for protecting this little angel until her owners could find her.

USS Gabrielle Giffords Christened As Navy?s First Gun-Free Warship Read more: http://www.duffelblog - 44 days ago

WHY name a warship after an ANTI GUN LIBERAL ?

President Trump's Strategic Firing of Swamp Rat James Comey - 48 days ago

Liberals....go ask people in Venezuela how socialism is working for them. Last I heard they were dumpster diving for food and turning to prostitution. Nanny Governments ALWAYS collapse.

President Trump's Strategic Firing of Swamp Rat James Comey - 48 days ago

Swamp Rat Comey is corrupt; just like OBAMA and his thugs. Trump had to get rid of this mess. Thank GOD we won and now America comes first !

Religious group's controversial billboard - 60 days ago

Love It ! Tells the TRUTH.

The Euro Left regarding Manchester - Just get used to it - 63 days ago

Picture of Ariana Grande on the internet if her wiping her a** with the American flag and giving viewers her middle finger. She has stated she hates America. What a disgusting role model.

Comey took notes on trump pressuring him to drop Flynn investigation - 70 days ago

Trump should have gotten rid of Comey the Corrupt Clinton lover immediately.

Ann Coulter dumps trump - 71 days ago

We won "snowflake"; get over it.

Found Puppy - 76 days ago

Another Pit bull attack posted on foxnews this morning. Pit bull killed 6 month old child in its walker; dog had been fine with the family for 9 years. Never under estimate what can happen; so very ...

Found Puppy - 76 days ago

Get ready to see one of the local rescues trying to sell this puppy in the near future IF it survives. Only problem there is no one knows the history of the parents like aggressive temperaments, hip ...

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