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SO Thankful that the US has President Trump

who's talking here?

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gunsnroses --- 6 years ago -

PResident Trump has accomplished more to benefit America than anything that OBAMA did in eight years. Also, enough of the "witch hunts" by the DemoRATS; Trump Administrarption needs to investigate the Clinton's benefitting millions by selling 20 percent of America's uranium, OBAMA secretly flying unmarked millions to Iran without consent of Congress, HIllary sending CLASSIFIED Secrets from an unsecured BASEMENT server then trying to destroy evidence with bleach technology and hammers, also the screaming idiot Maxine Waters..... 

Holling Vincoeur --- 6 years ago -

Angry this morning? 

fuzz81 --- 6 years ago -

But her emails!!!!


fuzz81 --- 6 years ago -

Use your illusion I and II are in full effect with this joker 

Not KU --- 6 years ago -

Anyone catch :This week with George Stephanopoulos? Kelly Ann Conway got her words handed to her. 

JustWatching --- 6 years ago -

Yes...I read the transcript and once again you have exaggerated what happened. Maybe you should look at it again. 

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