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HELP.... need Primary physician who accepts Medicare

who's talking here?

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BTRGAL --- 323 days ago -

My elderly father recently moved to Kingwood and I need to find a primary physician for him who accepts Medicare. Any feedback, good or bad, is appreciated. 

*LOL* --- 323 days ago -

(281) 358-5574 ... Dr. Cavnar-Johnson.
Dr Shepperd in the same practice as well. 

*LOL* --- 323 days ago -

Some people like Dr Lugo a lot.I haven't been to him. 

Leila --- 323 days ago -

My dad goes to Dr Allen Daniels and likes him a lot. 

BTRGAL --- 323 days ago -

Thank you so much for the suggestions! Dr Lugo sees adult patients? The listing I saw shows he is a pediatrician? Does he see both maybe? 

Leila --- 322 days ago -

Does he see both maybe??

pretty sure he sees both 

Gigix4 --- 322 days ago -

I'm pretty sure the Memorial Hermann Clinic at/near Town Center will accept Medicare patients. I believe they currently have 2 doctors. I've not seen either one but seriously considering checking it out since I am already in the Memorial Hermann system. 

CavemanBarney --- 322 days ago -

Docs in KW that take Medicare 

Texvette --- 322 days ago -

The list showing "Docs In KW Accepting Medicare" is not accurate. For example, it shows several doctors from the Kelsey Seybold Clinic (Lithuanian, Trinh, Koo, etc.). Kelsey does not accept traditional Medicare - only their Medicare advantage program. 

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