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Emelia --- 2 years ago -

Hopefully someone can help me here. Every time I try to log into my Kingwood Underground account I am being redirected to this spam website regarding that I just won a visa or Walmart card worth $1000. Is there something I can download to stop these pop-ups? It's only this website I'm having an issue with.
Thanks in advance 

Joe Blow --- 2 years ago -

Try Ad Blocker. 

Edgar Po Wong --- 2 years ago -

On the flip side, you could go into any Wal-Mart and live like a god with that $1000. 

Im Incognito --- 2 years ago -

Get the free version of Malwarebytes and download it. Run it. It will tell you if you have anything bad (malware) on your computer and get rid of it for you. 

Jepperd --- 2 years ago -

Are you on mobile or a computer? 

Im Incognito --- 2 years ago -

A computer 

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