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I joined this crazy place on 2017-07-20, 4 years ago.

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A Popeyes Chicken and CHL story - 4 years ago

Love this story

Why is it only men are called out for inappropriate sexual behavior - 4 years ago

This link is interesting. The article speaks about men on men sexual harassment and why men do not report the advances. [url=

Why is it only men are called out for inappropriate sexual behavior - 4 years ago

Women can do it to men also. So why is it only men get called out on it?

Does God Listen - 4 years ago

True. Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Does God Listen - 4 years ago

You can blame God or Christ for everything bad if you wish. But remember He gave people free will. Yes these people in the church died a horrible death. But they are with Jesus now. They feel no pain....

Franken resigns - 4 years ago

I never liked Franken. I always found him to be weird and untrustworthy.

POLL: Trump on Israel - 4 years ago

I am in agreement with ?Prolix Raconteur.? I like your train of thought.

Martha?s Attic - 4 years ago

[i]Isn't she a moderator??[/i] Don?t know, how do you tell?

Matt Lauer Fired This morning Before Going On Air - 4 years ago

[i]Just wondering if NBC knew this was eventually going to happen so they started the transition of Megyn Kelly to their staff.[/i] I kinda think the same way. NBC knew something a long time ago an...

Poinsettias - 4 years ago

Just make sure cats don?t eat them. Cats are deathly allergic to poinsettias. Just a critter fact. Like dogs and chocolate

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