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St Martha?s Catholic Church Donation Center - Woodland Hills Campus

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a5644237uu --- 5 years ago -

St Martha's Catholic Church
Donation Center 8 a.m.- 8 p.m.
3702 Woodland Hills Drive (Activity Center)

"Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest."

St Martha's Donation Center is now open and ready to receive our friends in need.

Please feel free to Pick up anything you need:
Men's and Women's clothing and shoes
Boy's and Girl's clothing
Baby clothes/diapers/wipes
Bedding, from pillows to cots
Personal hygiene utensils
Household cleaning supplies
Canned Food and Bread
Bottled Water
Limited Pet Supplies

Donations and Volunteers Accepted All Day 

Zapper009 --- 5 years ago -


Donations and Volunteers Accepted All Day

When I called earlier today - I was told that additional donations, of clean towels and clothing, were no longer being accepted???

That only cleaning supplies were being collected...



JuanSequin --- 5 years ago -

It just means they have more than they need right now. They along with a couple other churches are already sending out donations to other churches in the area. They really need cleaning supply donations. 

kingwood resident --- 5 years ago -

A friend of mine went to St. Martha's to get things she needed or clean up of her house and shoes and clothing for her family. She selected a few things and the lady that was working told her she could not take what she had selected. There was a stack of new shoe, she picked one pair for her daughter and the lady told her no you can't have those you can have one of these, which was some old used shoes. I donnt understand the attitude of those that were working the donation center and mistreating people. My friend was made to feel like she wastaking things she did not need. she had a lot of damage to her house and clothes and shoes were lost among the things that were damaged in the storm; All these things were donated to help the floodd victims and it was advertised to come get whatever you need. Unfortunately, there are people that have no compassion and make people that went there feel degraded. 

mutton --- 5 years ago -

Weird, why there to choose then? 

Zapper009 --- 5 years ago -

What is the answer to my question??? 

andreweggplant --- 5 years ago -

Mission Northeast is in need of clothes, especially larger sizes. St Martha's has been overwhelmed... 

Zapper009 --- 5 years ago -

I guess SM lost their voice - Thanks. 

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