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Lost Black and White Female Cat in Forest Cove area

who's talking here?

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a3058819uu --- 351 days ago -

We lost our adorable little Robin in the aftermath of Harvey. She is a 1 year old black and white cat with a distinctive face (she has a black marking around her nose that looks like a moustache) and emerald green eyes. We think she may be in the Forest Cove area up to Loop 494. She went missing Thursday morning after the storm. If you think you have seen her, please text or call Jennifer at 832-470-0848 or Blaze 832-470-6723. $100 reward for her safe return. God bless you!!! 

Im Incognito --- 351 days ago -


Im Incognito --- 349 days ago -


Im Incognito --- 349 days ago -


TwickleToes --- 345 days ago -

Can you post a picture? 

AppleOfHisEye --- 334 days ago -

Have you found your Kitty? Late last night on my run, I saw a black and white cat that looked like it was about a year old.. No older.. still looked like a baby. No collar and it started following me.. Poor thing looked lost. If I wasn't so far from home I would've gotten my carrier and caught it. If I see the baby again I will catch it for free. It had a white chest and a white stripe down it's nose and white lips and a little black chin and I think a black line on it's nose. It was on Gladehill Drive in between High Valley Drive and Crown Forest Drive. Sandcreek neighborhood in between Mills Branch Drive and Kingwood Drive. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 334 days ago -

Please check and the FB lost and found pet sites. Lots of pets are being reunited with owners. 

AppleOfHisEye --- 333 days ago -

I signed up for and am waiting for my verification code to come in the mail. We just moved, so I couldn't use the telephone number as verification, and will certainly not use a credit card as verification. It wouldn't let me use my cell phone number. 

AppleOfHisEye --- 333 days ago -

0 another black and white Kitty on Appalachian Trail and Mill Bridge Way across from the pool in the Mills Branch neighborhood. Maybe I will see the other Kitty to take a pic. Hope you find or have found your cat. 

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