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Arrings AC and Heating --- 3 years ago -

Hello, I live in GreenTree near Shadow Forest Elementary. I am offering free air conditioning inspections. It is a good idea to have it looked at especially if it was in or under water. If the a/c is not looked at before you have a insurance inspector at your home and your unit is running, the insurance will say it is ok. But a month down the road when the motor and electronic in the unit start to corrode the home owner insurance will not cover it. Nor will a home warranty. The Home Warranty company will say it was caused by a act of god.

Thank You

Arrings A/C and Heating
Justin Peddy
Comfort Specialist Manager
Cell. (936) 522-7467
Office (281) 713-8304

It is best to text me as my phone rings non stop and can't answer all of them. I am trying to help out all my neighbors and friends.

Just our way of helping our fellow Texans. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 3 years ago -

Thank you so much! 

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