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Oaky --- 345 days ago -

It disturbs me to see the junk people leave at the Purple Heart truck on 494.
These are our Veterans. People leave mattresses, worn out furniture and treat this like a dump site. 

andreweggplant --- 345 days ago -

It is disgusting to think people would just dump stuff for it to be out in the elements to think our Veterans would want it. I kind of subscribe to if it is "nasty" and I don't want it, it is trash. Don't give away stuff that is no good or that I would not take/use if in need. 

whatchamacallit --- 345 days ago -

Sunday is usually the worst for dumping at that place. People are cleaning out their garage or whatever and don't want the stuff at their house so they dump it at the Purple Heart donation site. There are signs everywhere stating no dumping but they just do it anyway. You aren't supposed to leave anything there on Sunday. What if it rains? Everything is ruined and it is a burden for the veterans to have to remove the trash scattered around there. I guess they will have to install cameras and fine these people before they get the message. 

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