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Custom Cabinets

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The Odd Job Specialist --- 1 years ago -

If you are in need of any custom cabinets we can build them for you. We are not a huge company so we can only take on a house at a time. We currently are working on two huge homes in Kingwood for 2 Doctors and their wives. We do excellent work and we have reasonable prices. We can match just about any cabinets you have, on the finishes we may not be able to match some "Factory" finishes, but all job built cabinet finishes we should be able to match.

We are a local company from Porter and have been working in the Kingwood area for many years. We have references.

Call, text or email Michael for an appointment today.

Cell Phone: 832.788.6204

The Odd Job Specialist --- 1 years ago -

If you have pictures we can build you any cabinets that you desire. We can build off site or custom build in your garage, we are set up for both. We are currently building custom cabinets for 2 Doctors in kingwood. Give us a call, text or email today so we can start planing your new cabinets. 

urabunchcats --- 1 years ago -

I would like a quote for Garage cabinets. (plain painted white)

No desk
No window (peg board between tall shelves)

Standing on 4 inch legs(off the ground) so I can wash under

total wall length ~12 feet
on each end is a 6 foot tall cabinet
2 foot wide - two tall doors
2 inside shelves (front to back)
at 2 foot and at 4 foot

Between 2 end cabinets is 3 two foot wide cabinets - two doors on each
Above center cabinets are 3 Drawers two foot wide each and approx 6 inches deep

Plan to use a standard fomica counter top

The Odd Job Specialist --- 1 years ago -

I would like a quote for Garage cabinets. (plain painted white)

Sorry I am just getting to this, we had a long busy week this past week, I will work on this today. All cabinets we build are built with plywood and solid wood, not particle board, melamine board or MDF as these are built with. I cannot compete with prefab prices either, but what I build will last forever. Thanks 

urabunchcats --- 1 years ago -

My calculation if for 10 linear foot of cabinets as described in your post. Cabinets will be built to your specs with cabinet grade plywood for the box and paint grade poplar hardwood for the face frame. The interior will be finished in a satin poly urethane and the exterior a quality white paint from Sherwin Williams. $4,400.00

Seems high to me - but I am just a homeowner. Is this high priced? 

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