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Emperor of Kingwood --- 337 days ago -

Sex robot demand SKYROCKETS: Customers are asking for MORE kinky cyborgs
SEX robots are becoming popular by the minute and now an adult star has exclusively revealed to Daily Star Online exactly what people are looking for.

The demand for a revolutionary cyborg in the UK has already driven into mass production as the sexbot craze continues to take over the globe.

And brothels across Europe are even offering kinky dolls instead of real women.

Harriet SugarCookie, an adult performer, cam girl and model has dished the dirt to Daily Star Online about her visit to the RealDoll factory.

When she checked out the manufacturers in the US earlier this year, Harriet witnessed a wide a large number of cyborgs in the making.

Talking to Daily Star Online, she told us: ?The production and demand for the dolls were way larger than I thought.

?I always figured it was a niche thing, how many people can spend $5-10k on a sex doll after all?? 

SleightOfHand --- 337 days ago -

Cheaper than a divorce 

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