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***NEXT WEEKS MENU***A Taste Of Cajun Food

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Lea 5
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Lea --- 288 days ago -

I know how hard it is to come home after working all day only to have to start working again on cooking dinner, not to mention trying to think of what to cook for dinner. Then there are the days you have the day off from work but still have to cook. Well that's where I come in. I will cook your meal so you can just go home, eat and relax or enjoy having a day off and literally have the whole day off.
Take advantage of my service, you know you deserve it.

I do want to advise everyone who doesn't already know me, I am an AUTHENTIC SOUTH LOUISIANA CAJUN so my meals do have some kick to them.
If possible, please try to order a day in advance so I will have an idea of how much I need to cook.
Meals are ready to be picked up by 5:00 at my home in Mills Branch Village unless arrangements are made to pick up earlier.


Cajun Fettuccine Alfredo
Banana Pudding
Homemade Roll


Shrimp Ettoufee
Green Beans
Bread Pudding W/ Rum Sauce
Homemade Roll


Chicken Stew
Chocolate Cake
Homemade Roll

Please call or text if interested 713-962-3765 

TinktheSprite --- 287 days ago -

Has anyone tried Lea's dinners? I am temped not to cook and treat ourselves one night! 

Lea --- 287 days ago -

I could provide plenty of references. I cooked every day for 2 months for the displaced Harvey survivors then decided to turn it into a business at the request of the people i was feeding. 

Lea --- 287 days ago -

I would like to let y?all know how I started cooking. After hurricane Harvey, I wanted to do something to help but I know nothing about construction and people were needing meals. I decided to start preparing dinners for displaced families. I did that for a couple of months and was feeding around 40-50 people a day. After 2 months I couldn?t afford to do it anymore but was asked by several families to consider doing it as a small business. I cook mostly Cajun food being from South Louisiana and it is VERY POPULAR!!!
So that?s how I started. If anyone goes to St.Martha?s Church( that?s where most of the people came from) they would be able to vouch for my cooking. If any of y?all want references, I can certainly provide plenty.

I forgot to mention, the menu changes weekly and while I do cook Cajun food, I also cook many different dishes. I can cook just about anything. All I ask is to just give me a try.
Thank you 

Lea --- 285 days ago -

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Lea --- 285 days ago -


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