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Is YMCA still closed?

who's talking here?

kwhdman 1
SagaciousSighFiGurl 1
in KW after all these years 2
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in KW after all these years --- 1 years ago -

I just realized that the YMCA has been charging our acct all this time they have been closed.Just checking to see if anyone knows if they are still closed? Hubby hurt knee so has not been there since before Harvey. 

kwhdman --- 1 years ago -

Yes, it is still closed. You should have been receiving email updates - although I haven't seen one in a few weeks.

They didn't charge us for September or October even though you could still use the membership at other YMCAs. November was prorated, and the rates have been reduced since December. For us, a family rate, it's half price.

They have some group classes at the community center and at one of the churches, I believe. I think they also have some youth sports on the schedule. Their website should provide more info.

We weren't using the group classes or any of the youth sports, so earlier today I requested a suspension on the account until they reopen. I called and was advised to request a suspension or cancellation via the Contact Us page on the website at Contact Us 

in KW after all these years --- 1 years ago -

Thanks kwhdman,
Wrote message on the contact us page and the director wrote us back within hours and is resolving the problem. Its unfortunate that the flood hurt so many but I can't pay for something that is not even open. I do not have time in my 60-70 hour work week to drive further away. At least they handled it quickly asndf professionally 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 1 years ago -

This is the latest update sent yesterday to members regarding facility update:


As a YMCA, it is important that we always provide the best possible experience for our members and our community. Over the last several months, we have assessed and evaluated our facility to ensure that the plans being made for our renovation will best serve our members and community for many years to come.
Our tentative plan is to partially re-open our current facility in the summer of 2018, with a full facility re-opening by the first quarter of 2019. Thank you for your patience as we work through this process. Together we are better. "

It's gonna be awhile. I see ZERO going on there in the way of construction.

They have reduced fees and offered a suspension of fees as well. 

Zapper009 --- 1 years ago -

And Silver Slippers is no longer honored there... 

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