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HISD - No late arrrival tomorrow 1/18

who's talking here?

Gigix4 3
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Gigix4 --- 1 years ago -

Just so you know:

No late arrival for middle school and high school tomorrow! 

TinktheSprite --- 1 years ago -

They've announced No Late arrival on other days during the rest of this semester to make up for the Snow Days Off. 

Gigix4 --- 1 years ago -

I tried looking at the CMS schedule online but it was too dang small for me to read! 

Gigix4 --- 1 years ago -

From HISD:
Early release/late arrival days reduced after Humble ISD Snow Days

Humble ISD has announced scheduling changes to makeup time lost on Jan. 16-17 when school was cancelled due to icy road conditions. An audit was done of each school?s bell schedule to determine where changes are required to meet the state-required 75,600 operational minutes over the course of a school year. As a result of this audit, the following changes will be made to our 2017-2018 Humble ISD calendar:

There will be no early release on Jan. 31 and April 18 at all Humble ISD elementary schools.

There will be no early release on March 9 and May 4 for Humble Middle School and Sterling Middle School. No changes are needed at the other middle schools in the district.

At Atascocita, Humble and Kingwood Park high schools, late arrival has been cancelled for Feb. 15, March 8, April 19, and May 3, 2018. The three other high schools in the district ? Kingwood, Summer Creek and Quest high schools ? operate on alternative schedules and do not have late arrival on Thursdays, so these changes do not affect those three campuses.
Feb. 19 will be a school day for all Humble ISD students. February 19th was originally planned as a student holiday/staff workday but was designated on the 2017-2018 calendar as an inclement weather makeup day. 

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