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2hrs 30 mins into town

who's talking here?

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TinktheSprite --- 1 years ago -

That was the Trans Star estimate this morning. Canceled both our appointments in town today. This ice is lasting WAY too long! No, I am starting to feel interrupted! Playing it by ear for tomorrow's appointments.

Pipes bursting at homes here and there in the Kingwood. Wanna bet it's transplanted Northerners that assumed their water pipes were protected or underground? 

andreweggplant --- 1 years ago -

I got up and decided no way I was driving to the office at I10 and Dairy Ashford...still ice on overpasses etc and not worth taking chances... 

Brewgirl --- 1 years ago -

Just drove to Clear Lake and back. Ice is patchy but visible. Everything is passable. And construction has resumed on Bwy 8 and 45. 

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