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Invite To Prague

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JimBecka 2

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JimBecka --- 2 years ago -

You are Invited:

I will retire from teaching (at NCHS) in three months and am planning on traveling to the Czech Republic in September. I will be part of an army of Christians bringing Christ to the most atheist country in Europe, which is the home of my dad's family.

We will join my Czech cousins in Prague passing out Gospel tracks. You (and your church) are invited to join us. European churches are now museums because of indifference toward Christ. We are praying for a massive European revival, beginning in Prague.

Thirty years ago my family were all atheist, but my family has been experiencing revival. This is the story of my cousin Jiri, explaining how the Lord spoke to him when a miracle happened in his life. Jiri is now a minister and interpreter for the Czech government. He will be taking part. My daughter Jamie and her husband Evgeny will provide more information as everything unfolds. Please pray for this event!! 

JimBecka --- 2 years ago -

Atheist Finds the Lord 

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