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Elvis Headliner From Coast To Coast Coming To Humble

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stevemdx --- 197 days ago -


stevemdx --- 197 days ago -

July 21st 7:00
Charles Bender Performing Arts Center
Humble TX
Vince King, Riley Jenkins and the Ultimate Tribute Band Spinout! 

stevemdx --- 197 days ago - 

stevemdx --- 159 days ago -

Center section of the theater is almost sold out! Riley Jenkins performs Elvis 50's Vince King performs Elvis 70's
The girls from the 8 member band Spinout will perform some golden oldies! 

stevemdx --- 152 days ago - 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 152 days ago -

Sad that they can't come to the Harbor- 

TinktheSprite --- 151 days ago -

The Harbor is a ghosttown. And it's too hot to be outdoors. The theater is the perfect venue. 

stevemdx --- 151 days ago -

We did an Elvis show at the Harbor years ago and broke the record crowd with over 3,000 fans. Charles Bender has been totally restored and is an excellent venue for this kind of concert!! You will think your in Las Vegas!! 

stevemdx --- 151 days ago - 

stevemdx --- 147 days ago - 

stevemdx --- 144 days ago -

Riley won first place today at an Elvis contest in Penticton, BC Canada! 

stevemdx --- 142 days ago - 

stevemdx --- 141 days ago -

250 sold out of 375!!! 

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