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Pay it. Not.

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TinktheSprite --- 352 days ago -

Over a year ago, DH was in 3 hospitals,and visited the ER 3 times post surgery. Without getting into details, it was a truly rotten summer. Fast forward to today when he continues to heal an on the upswing btw, we get a bill from Humble ER visit. Latest medical bill says $172 owed to Hermann Humble ER from last July. Uh...No. we paid our out of pocket max by then. 100% covers as of April 2017. BCBS researches. BCBS paid that bill 100% in July. Hermann found an additional $172 in charges recently and skipped over filing with our insurance, billed us because, according to BCBS, they thought we'd just pay it. Pffft I'm glad Im not stupid.....yet!. 

Myra801 --- 351 days ago -

It's sad how aggressive and alert one has to be to protect their own monies during a hard time in their lives but "a fool and his money are soon parted" is so true.

I have seen so many elderly people especially struggle to make sense of their medical bills.

I'm glad he continues to heal and I'm glad he has someone to help him handle all of life's minutiae :) 

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