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The Problem With #BelieveSurvivors

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Emperor of Kingwood --- 265 days ago -

Women who tell their stories should have the support, and belief, of loved ones, friends, and a therapeutic community.

But when a woman, in telling her story, makes an allegation against a specific man, a different set of obligations kick in.
Whether an investigation takes place at a school, at a workplace, or in the criminal-justice system, neutral fact-finding must apply, regardless of how disturbing we find the offense, the group identity of the accused, or the political leanings of those involved. History demonstrates that ascribing honesty or dishonesty, criminality or righteousness solely on the basis of gender or race doesn?t increase the amount of equity in the world.

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sdanielmcev --- 264 days ago -

Sadly, not so much the case. Look how many women on this forum became flaming liberals during the kavanaugh hearings. 

sheddy --- 264 days ago -

I listened to the entire testimony of both Kavanaugh and Ford. She lost any credibility when she said she didn?t know they would come out to California. It was all over the news, I knew they had offered it, her lawyers knew. There were other things, but that jumped out. He could have been lying about everything he said, but he acted like someone who had been unjustly accused of something. I could see myself saying and acting the same way. Anyway, I think everyone saw something different according to life experiences. I listened to people on tv and I wondered how we could have been watching the same thing. 

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