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worrying stuff from kids these days

who's talking here?

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king Reagan --- 3 years ago -

My grandson came home on Friday telling me that some of his classmates are beginning to organize a KHS Communist Club. I fought in Vietnam, I find these communist sentiments absolutely appalling. I will not stand for children who can not even vote organizing around an idea like Communism. I will not have it! the Administration MUST do something, no teacher must be allowed to support these CHILDREN. MY friends did not
die so that America could become 'south Vietnam 2.0' 

Rust --- 3 years ago -

My daughter has been telling me about this, and has even said her friends are considering joining! Besides my disgust at her poor choice in friends, I am also disgusted that the administration at Kingwood High School would allow such a club to exist when communism has been a failing form of government for more than a hundred years. Sad to see Kingwood become infiltrated with these students trying to tear down the united states one high school at a time :( Parents of kingwood - please monitor your child's cellphones. I made the mistake of trusting my daughter to make choices and make sure she associates herself with a good group of people. Please help your children and monitor them before it is too late. 

king Reagan --- 3 years ago -

Sad to see Kingwood become infiltrated with these students trying to tear down the united states one high school at a time :(?
YES I agree, I despise communism and I hate it to the core. it is unjustifiable there is no merit to what these kids are doing.
SAD to see kingwood becoming more liberal...
if you know what I mean 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 3 years ago -

This is a joke, right? 

leanne4211 --- 3 years ago -

Absolutely DISGUSTING that the administration allows a club like this to exist. I'll make sure to leave them an email tomorrow. 

king Reagan --- 3 years ago -

no my grandson Timothy came home and said some of the, liberal, students were planning on starting a communist club. apparently they talk about communism every day and theres like 4 of the runts. 

Rust --- 3 years ago -

I am extremely disappointed about this whole situation. I usually just browse the forums but I made an account finally because this is something I feel strongly about. 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 3 years ago -

Alrighty, then. 

Steve57 --- 3 years ago -

My grandson is on student counsel and he was telling me about this a few weeks ago. At first I thought he was misinterpreting the vernacular of the kiddos here since he's from Spain but after reading this and a few other threads and emails I've gotten, I don't think he misheard those kids talking. I have friends that have fought in Vietnam and were politically crippled after hearing seeing what a communistic government can do to civilians. I am extremely worried about these kids that are our future generation and the plans that they have. I always told my kids to never let my grand kids play video games because that's what they can do you a young persons brain, rot them out and fill them with a misguided view of the world. I hope that the administration at KHS isn't behind this... 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 3 years ago -

Wow look at all the new names!! Hey Y'all!!

Most HS kids don't even know American history much, I'm kinda surprised they find communism interesting. Lol 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 3 years ago -

They're special magic kids- 

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