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Dark triad test

who's talking here?

sdanielmcev 1

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sdanielmcev --- 361 days ago -

Here's what I got:
Dependable, considerate, and loyal to those closest to you, you have a firm grasp of the factual realities that lie before you as well as an eye for detail, each of which make you naturally gravitate towards others and their emotional needs. Nurturing and attentive, you tend to be quick to assume responsibility and to help out as soon as you see some task that could aid others. Though your surroundings rarely notice it, you tend to carry a lot of responsibility. All too often it is only when you are missing that others notice the immense effort that you usually put in to make sure everything around you is running properly and that everyone is looked after and feels at ease. Conscientious, thorough, and perhaps a bit perfectionistic, you are not one to impulsively chase after new and uncertain prospects before having finished the endeavor at hand. You tend to find a deep sense of satisfaction in working hard to achieve your goals and in selflessly supporting others, demonstrating that you care through your actions and preferring to lead by your quiet, dignified example.

Interesting juxtaposition of questions. 

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