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Happy Father's Day

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CavemanBarney --- 122 days ago -


SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 122 days ago -

I salute you Dads! I had a great one who I think about daily, still, I guess if there’s one thing I’ve learned since he’s been gone its that if you do it right you can leave a lasting and ever present effect on your children.

The man had high standards in everything he did...someone who you could truly look up to. When I was a kid and he was teaching me the proper way to clean a window, I just thought he was nuts LOL. Now in a world where everything is disposable and we don’t take much care to preserve things, I see I’m fighting that in my everyday life. His idea to preserve, to restore and to create new things from the old things has earned my highest regard. 

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