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Att cell phone service

who's talking here?

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a2871813uu --- 322 days ago -

Is anyone having issues with their service. In the last 2 weeks I have been losing service all the time in Kingwood and Houston. 

a2871813uu --- 321 days ago -

HERE IS WHAT I FOUND OUT TODAY: for the past 2 weeks on and off with no service. I went to att kingwood store yesterday morning and 10 people were in front of me with the same issue. The store didn't know of any issues so told us to turn phone off and on, reset settings if needed. went home and still no service.
my mother in law came over to my house on Monday night with the same issue. I went to att kingwood store again this morning they told me oh 5 people have been in today. I told them I know I was here yesterday and people were complaining. new workers today at att. he said it was the tower and everything good now and to reset settings I told him I have done that 4 times in the last 2 weeks, etc. he said no tower was having issues Monday night etc. I said ok got home and again no service. this time I called ATT customer support after one hour on phone they finally said after having me reput again etc. I told them that from Woodland Hills to KHS only one bar. every where else 4 bars. I told her that even by fire department on kingwood drive it was 4 bars. I told her it has to be some issue with ATT. so she finally checked and said of they are upgrading the towers to give maximum coverage. I said after all of this you tell me the problem. and that it will be fixed by the end of day 7/10/19. so I told her then for now I have no way to make phone calls or any way for people to call me. she said yes. oh boy. I told her you better tell the Kingwood store that because I went this morning and so did my mother in law and they said oh the towers are good and just to reset your phone. for att customers 

sdanielmcev --- 318 days ago -

Tracfone works on all 3 networks 

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