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Why we have the second amendment.

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Emperor of Kingwood --- 1 years ago -

As British troops sailed to Boston in 1768, the Boston Gazette reported that the ministry commanded things "more grievous to the people, than any thing hitherto made known," the first of which was "that the inhabitants of this Province are to be disarmed." By 1774, the British were routinely conducting warrantless searches and seizures of firearms in the Boston area, leading the Gazette to exclaim that "what most irritated the people next to seizing their arms and ammunition" was the arrest of patriot political leaders. King George III ordered the seizure of any firearms imported into the colonies.

Just after the Redcoats' attempt to seize the arms of the rebel militia at Lexington and Concord in 1775, Gen. Thomas Gage ordered all the inhabitants of Boston to turn in their arms at Faneuil Hall for temporary safekeeping. When the people complied, troops seized the firearms, never to return them. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 1 years ago -

Freedom has always presented a dilemma considering the evil among us...Some people abuse freedom... Most don’t, thankfully.
We have a “condition” in society now where some mentally ill people are seeking their “5 minutes of fame” by murdering people and engaging in copy cat killings. I think it’s truly not possible to stop people from doing this. I think it’s time to change our focus to prevention and protection in the vein of citizen alertness and preparedness.
As in the general population working together to do what they can in reporting suspicious behavior and tipping off the police. Also deeper background checks on the mentally ill who have been violent. 

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