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Proof Weinstein Blacklisted Actresses who Rebuffed Him - 2 hours ago

Post the meme supporting your claims Marky Mark

Men AND women have finally designed the perfect woman. - 27 days ago

Cheaper than a divorce

A sheriff gone too far - 29 days ago

I see the Facebook post being an issue but that post netted the identity of the owner and they then found she had a warrant for her arrest. They can?t ignore the warrant. The warrant was filed in Ju...

Gunning down of the citizen - 52 days ago

?I have never heard of a taser NOT disabling a person. How is that possible? Was the gun just not working? That actually happens a lot. That is why police aren?t trained to use tasers when deadly ...

Fiber in Kingwood? - 68 days ago

Broadband prices may double in the near future.[url=]Boy Genius Reports[/url]

Fiber in Kingwood? - 68 days ago

There aren?t any plans for ATT. Suddenlink was bought out by Altice and they say they will upgrade nearly all of their customers to 10 gigabit fiber to the home

Fiber in Kingwood? - 68 days ago

There is fiber in Kingwood.

Missing 3 year old in TX with moronic father - 68 days ago

His story sounds BS, I bet he murdered her.

TS Nate - 74 days ago

What did Centerpoint quote you for a larger meter?

Constable's Task Force - 75 days ago

It?s a good thing straight party votes are out. I think law enforcement positions should be non partisan. I?m glad I got out when I did

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