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MSNBC predicts landslide re-election for Trump - 165 days ago

[i]Even when the news is good the liberals can't take it!?[/i] So true! They want him to fail but he won't because he is doing what our country needs. We also need term limits!

Take a knee my as.... - 332 days ago

Thanks for posting!

ATTN Gardeners. You gotta see this! - 342 days ago

LOL, That's cool! [b]I want 10![/b]

Heads up about your Laundry Detergent - 342 days ago

[i]And why do I need to toss it? That is a lot of money for 81+ pods, even on sale. Does the bacteria-killing chemical expire? Does it clean less effectively? I will not toss it out until I hear the r...

Weinstein Went To A Whole Nother Level - 343 days ago

[i]you condone crime when it suits your needs. [/i] No, I don't condone crime but everyone knows what happens in prison and that is where he should be.

Weinstein Went To A Whole Nother Level - 344 days ago

[i]This guy is the epitome of WAKCO. [/i] He is sick and should be arrested and put in jail where the inmates can take care of him.

POLL: HOV - 344 days ago

[i]Look in the rear view mirror on occasion. You might see 6 cars behind you.?[/i] So what if 6 cars are behind you. If I'm on the HOV going 65-70 MPH they can just be behind me. They should be p...

Sutherland Springs 1st Baptist church - 346 days ago

In Switzerland they all carry guns.

Sutherland Springs 1st Baptist church - 346 days ago

We need to look at Switzerland and their laws. Here is a great link:

Sutherland Springs 1st Baptist church - 346 days ago

[i]Maybe we can try a legislative solution now???[/i] Yes, We should legislate a solution. All law abiding American Citizens should be required to be trained on gun safety and how to use firearms ...

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