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I joined this crazy place on 2008-10-16, 9 years ago.

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I'm smart,beautiful and loyal to my friends!!

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Help getting a mug shot - 12 hours ago

If you get yourself arrested, you can get one free.

School Shootings---a possible solution... - 12 hours ago

misunderstanding, I heard Kim and Kanye are splitting up! He thinks her babydaddy is OJ Simpson!! Better hurry and check it out!

How far our goberment has progressed..... - 12 hours ago

There's not a lot of arguing with that.

Rubio supports changing gun ownership law to 21 - 12 hours ago

Oh Oh! Rumble in the jungle! LOL! Boys being boys!

Should he live or should he die? - 1 days ago

he's really changed and not in a good way-

Should he live or should he die? - 1 days ago

yeah- just the same as yours! LOL!

Should he live or should he die? - 1 days ago

B the way, the fixation about Hollywood was from markie, when he blamed everything on the greedy Republican Jews! LOL! The only Republican Jews I know of is Evanka Trump and her husband! Who knew Mark...

Should he live or should he die? - 1 days ago

Geez, fuzz- this fixation with Sifi is getting creepy!

ATTN Instant Pot Users RECALL! - 2 days ago

I have one, and never had problems. but I'll check the numbers, anyway-

Da ... um! Rain! - 2 days ago

Honey, just keep telling yourself that hurricanes only come in the summer! LOL! Aside from the lightening scaring the crap out of me last night, I love to listen to the rain!

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