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I joined this crazy place on 2008-10-16, 10 years ago.

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I'm smart,beautiful and loyal to my friends!!

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Good riddance Sarah Sanders - 2 days ago

What makes you think he cares? He just uses a different screen name.

Let's Hope it Doesn't Rain Too Much - 2 days ago

My yard's been really dry, even though I've been running the sprinklers!

Wassup, buttercup - 10 days ago

...which it is NOT. Fuzz is a troll! Fact: OG is a mod alt. Just like Soup Why do you continue to repeat this nonsense? I know you know better.



Firefighter Prop B deemed Unconstitutional - 14 days ago

I also agree. You shouldn't be forced to give raises if there is no money to pay for it.

Question of the day.... - 16 days ago

One reason people were being foreclosed on was a variable interest rate. Locking in a low interest rate works for people who have a locked in salary.(Providing they don't an unrealistic monthly paymen...

Question of the day.... - 16 days ago

Are student loans always a bad idea? Many families don't have the money to put their kids thru college. 17 and 18 year olds can't get a low interest loan any other way.

Finally the stink is gone - 19 days ago


Question of the day.... - 20 days ago

Anyone that out of touch with reality wouldn't be my SO. Unless they're intellectually challenged, you're doing them a disservice by supporting nonsense.

One of the many things I do not know - 22 days ago

Send a message to Admin. He can fix it, unless it's a deliberate block by him.

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