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I joined this crazy place on 2008-10-16, 8 years ago.

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I'm smart,beautiful and loyal to my friends!!

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you're just as guilty- - 3 days ago

Once again, I'll say that discussion is healthy and good. When discussion turns to personal insults and hatred, it's no longer healthy- Both sides need to think before they speak (type) because this "...

you're just as guilty- - 4 days ago

and, deflect.

Happy Father's Day!! - 4 days ago

Amen to that!!

you're just as guilty- - 4 days ago

whatchamacallit --- 17 hours ago - quote - hide comments You're just as guilty as who? The actual shooter or those that call for violence? I think not. Verbalizing your agitation is not, in anyway, ...

Is it just me? - 5 days ago

I keep mine at 71, and that's the temp inside- are you letting alot of sun in? I'm keeping my rooms pretty dark, too-

you're just as guilty- - 5 days ago

Thanks to those posters who are the voices of reason. The rest continue to repeat the same old same old. Shame on you.

you're just as guilty- - 5 days ago

If you're one of the posters who added to the political vitriol, you may have contributed to pushing a lunatic over the edge- there are many on here, on both sides, who continue to do this- it sickens...

Best time of the year ... - 7 days ago

Don't forget water proof sunscreen- that sun is REALLY strong!

Fight in Old HEB Parking Lot - 7 days ago

I believe the comments were tongue-in-cheek, andrew-

Best time of the year ... - 8 days ago

Lucky you!!!!

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